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Do I have stress incontinence? Although stress incontinence isn't a normal part of aging, physical changes associated with aging, such as the weakening of muscles, may make you more susceptible to stress incontinence. However, occasional stress incontinence can occur at any age. Type of childbirth delivery.
What causes your bladder to weaken? Menopause causes a sudden drop in the level of estrogen in a woman's body. Lower estrogen levels can cause your bladder and urethra muscles to weaken. This can lead to sudden urges to urinate and urine leakage, a condition known as urge incontinence. You may also develop stress incontinence with menopause.
Does urinary incontinence go away after pregnancy? Postpartum urinary incontinence — the involuntary leaking of urine that new moms often experience, usually while laughing, sneezing, coughing, or performing any strenuous activity — is very common after giving birth. In fact, more than a third of moms spring that particular link.
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